Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Today is another..

Typical stay-in day for me so i'm going to be playing some Minecraft.. Ill keep this post updated with pictures of what I get up to today!

Going to start a fresh save.


Woahh, I got TOTALLY sidetracked yesterday but I gotta tell you guys I had the most wicked-awesome save ever.

I found a MASSIVE chunk error that sent blocks miles into the air, It was crazy! Heres some Pics!
This one is the HUGE error that happened, that goes all the way to the sky, its immense!                              

And underneath is a huge pool of water that has blocks at the bottom that make you fall out the bottom of the map!
Pretty trippy if you ask me, best bit is I get to explore it in a boat xD!

If anyone wants the save ill upload it for you (:



  1. Gotta love Minecraft. Digital legos!

  2. Nice, will be waiting for updates. :D

  3. Happens to everyone every now and then, nothing special..

    Still, amusing every time, especially when you spawn with Lava pissing from the sky xD

  4. oh gods this game is too addictive for it's own good..

  5. MINECRAFT!!! Damn this game is epic! :DD