Monday, 25 October 2010

I 'spose I should Introduce Myself.

Well, i'm new to the blogging scene, introduced by a friend who likes to ramble on about his life,

So here are some fun-filled-facts about me, Kris, or as you'll get to know me... Nalrah!

•   I used Nalrah as my Online Alias, I stole it from a nice swedish bloke and now I claim it as my own, I dont know why, It just stuck!
•   I LOVE Gaming, and I garuntee it will make up a huge portion of my blog, so if you're into gaming, you in for a fun ride!
•   My current Gaming Addiction is Minecraft, a sick Indie Game, I'll post a link to it at the end of the blog for you guys to check out!
•   Im quite a chatty and opinionated guy, but I personally feel i'm really easy to talk to, im open to other peoples opinions and beliefs.
•   I make videos from my desktop to the public to enjoy, youll often find my Youtube antics on my account, which again, will be at the end of the blog!

I hope this has given people who are looking at a blogging newbie an insight into Nalrah's World.

For the first time guys, Nalrah Talks!


(Minecraft - Indie Game at

(My YouTube Page -

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  1. /Cheer

    Hope you carry on with the posts, make sure you keep up with mine as well :D