Sunday, 31 October 2010

Thanks for the input!

So it seems I WILL be turning this into a gaming blog!

Just so everyone knows I will be reviewing and suggesting Indie and Mainstream games, so don't expect a whole bunch of Black Ops splattered all over the page!

If I can conjure up enough cash I will Deffinately go out and purchase games to review, i'm always looking to expand my collection!

Ill start doing a new game every 2 weeks, and maybe move that to every week if the blog gets popular!

Again, thanks for your input!

Once again, Nalrah Talks.

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Hello again!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, got personal stuff on the go but I haven't forgotten about my blog!

Over the week i've been in an ongoing battle for my old runescape account which has been... eventful, to say the least, but me and Cpt. Hackerpants have come to an agreement and the account is now safely mine again.. so lets see if we cant get a few Runescape posts going when the account is unlocked.

Im thinking of turning this into a gaming blog..? Opinions?

Oh well, must dash, busy day!

Very quickly - Nalrah Talks!

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Today is another..

Typical stay-in day for me so i'm going to be playing some Minecraft.. Ill keep this post updated with pictures of what I get up to today!

Going to start a fresh save.


Woahh, I got TOTALLY sidetracked yesterday but I gotta tell you guys I had the most wicked-awesome save ever.

I found a MASSIVE chunk error that sent blocks miles into the air, It was crazy! Heres some Pics!
This one is the HUGE error that happened, that goes all the way to the sky, its immense!                              

And underneath is a huge pool of water that has blocks at the bottom that make you fall out the bottom of the map!
Pretty trippy if you ask me, best bit is I get to explore it in a boat xD!

If anyone wants the save ill upload it for you (:


Monday, 25 October 2010

Rushing In to a Second Post!

It's only been a Few Minutes but I wanted to share with the community a flaw I found In Minecraft!
I made a video about it which you can see here. (Ooooh, Bad Cheater!)
Hope you guys have some fun with this whilst it lasts ;).
And dont worry, Im a good guy, I've let Notch know about the issue.

Very quickly.. Nalrah Talks!


Oh.. And Remember to Like and Comment... :d

I 'spose I should Introduce Myself.

Well, i'm new to the blogging scene, introduced by a friend who likes to ramble on about his life,

So here are some fun-filled-facts about me, Kris, or as you'll get to know me... Nalrah!

•   I used Nalrah as my Online Alias, I stole it from a nice swedish bloke and now I claim it as my own, I dont know why, It just stuck!
•   I LOVE Gaming, and I garuntee it will make up a huge portion of my blog, so if you're into gaming, you in for a fun ride!
•   My current Gaming Addiction is Minecraft, a sick Indie Game, I'll post a link to it at the end of the blog for you guys to check out!
•   Im quite a chatty and opinionated guy, but I personally feel i'm really easy to talk to, im open to other peoples opinions and beliefs.
•   I make videos from my desktop to the public to enjoy, youll often find my Youtube antics on my account, which again, will be at the end of the blog!

I hope this has given people who are looking at a blogging newbie an insight into Nalrah's World.

For the first time guys, Nalrah Talks!


(Minecraft - Indie Game at

(My YouTube Page -