Sunday, 31 October 2010

Thanks for the input!

So it seems I WILL be turning this into a gaming blog!

Just so everyone knows I will be reviewing and suggesting Indie and Mainstream games, so don't expect a whole bunch of Black Ops splattered all over the page!

If I can conjure up enough cash I will Deffinately go out and purchase games to review, i'm always looking to expand my collection!

Ill start doing a new game every 2 weeks, and maybe move that to every week if the blog gets popular!

Again, thanks for your input!

Once again, Nalrah Talks.


  1. Sweet! Will be looking forward :D

  2. Sounds good, I guess. Better be a good reviewer and not just "UGH I DIED AGAIN!" ;)

  3. thats cool. be sure to not miss the good games. and check my blog out, it doesnt have any usefull info on it at all but im a pretty awesome dude. thanks

  4. meh.. nowadays games are shitty like "HERP DERP i haz graphicz"... miss fallout2 gaming days
    gaming blogs make me sad.. sorry

  5. Well gaming blog do seem to be quite popular

  6. if you need a reference of a gaming blog check mine out

  7. sounds great man, indie game reviews in particular are guaranteed to hold my attention as you dont often see blogs cover them